Version 4.0.0 Now Available

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Duration Recording is a data collection tool used by special education teachers, therapists and applied behavioral analysts. There’s no easier way to perform duration recordings than the Duration app for your iPhone® and iPod Touch® from elocinSoft.

  • Easy Duration Recordings - The app is well-designed and self evident. No instructions are needed for making it work. Plus, you can track four different student and behavior combinations per recording.
  • Easy Results Retrieval - You can send your results to your email or to any app on your device for file sharing (such as Dropbox, One Drive, etc). You can also send it to any spreadsheet app installed for easy viewing. (Like Numbers and Excel)
  • Student and Behavior Database - A database of students and behaviors recorded is maintained on the machine so you don’t have to constantly re-enter information.
  • Affordably Priced - Educators and researchers aren’t typically well paid, so their tools shouldn’t be expensive.