• Intervals ABA 4.0.5 and Duration ABA 4.0.1

    We’ve released new versions of Intervals ABA and Duration ABA that corrects an error where dates were not displaying correctly on screen or in spreadsheets for non-US regions.

    We are waiting for Apple to approve a similar fix for Frequency ABA.

    The Intervals ABA and Duration ABA updates are available now on the App Store.

  • Duration ABA 4.0.0 and Intervals ABA 4.0.4

    New versions of Duration ABA and Intervals ABA were submitted to the App Store today.

    Duration ABA 4.0.0 is a ground up rewrite of the App. The app operates smoother and it will finally look right on all modern devices. Additionally, the app no longer limits a recording to four student/behavior combinations.

    Additionally, we’ve submitted Intervals ABA 4.0.4 to the App Store for review. Due to several requests, we’ve changed the way canceled recordings are handled.

    We’ll have write ups on both before release.

  • Duration ABA 4.0.0 Coming Soon

  • Frequency ABA 4.3 Now Available

  • Intervals ABA 4.0.0 Coming Soon

  • Intervals ABA 4.0.0 - Coming Soon

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